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8 People You’ve Definitely Seen In Your VCU Lecture This Week

There’s lots of diversity and a huge variety of unique people on VCU’s campus and even more so in your classes (you might spot some interesting individuals). They might make you laugh, cry or send you into a deep spiral of introspection, and, hey, maybe you could even pick up some tips on how to not stick out like a sore thumb at this school! Here are the people you’ve seen in your VCU lectures: 

8.) Class sleeper:
These creatures look like they just walked through a blizzard across campus. They will come into lecture with a Red Bull in their hand but pass out 15 minutes into class. Naturally, they are dressed in either pajamas or sweats, their hoodie will never match anything else they are wearing, and their hair looks like a cat’s hairball. What a catch!

7.) The ultimate RVA hipster:
You just pictured that weird, creepily-chill group of kids who all wear denim in your psych class, didn’t you? Everyone knows this type (they’re literally everywhere), and they prowl the streets looking to influence young normies from out of town. Totally organic, all-weed, all-vape, and absolutely no fillers.

6.) SadBoi: 
Typically, this person will be wearing a super baggy t-shirt or oversized jacket, pants that are too big for him and Vans. You can hear the Drake music he is playing from his headphones that he’s playing at a super loud volume to drain out the world around him. Occasionally, he’ll whip out his vape in class because he is having withdrawls after only five minutes of sitting in a chair. ;-(

5.) 80s kids:
Obviously a blast from the past, and relatively spunky, these kids dress in mom jeans with big, hideous grandpa sweaters and jelly slippers (those are more of an early 2000s kid thing, but we won’t tell). They’ll most likely walk into class playing Whitney Houston or Cyndi Lauper. Maybe they’ll ask if you wanna dance (but not with that perm, Melissa).

4.) Burnout school-dropout:
Ah, the girl who wears all different types of crazy patterns whose hair is probably dyed more than one unnatural color. It’s easy to assume she’s a crazy cat lady because of the t-shirt she’s wearing that shows cat holding maracas saying, “Sup.” She essentially resembles Phoebe Buffay from Friends. You’ll even hear her still use the term “groovy.”

3.) Punk dude:
This guy literally looks like he could kill you. Who knows? Maybe he will! Dressed in all-black everything and “I’m going to hunt you down” combat boots, he also has piercings in places you fully did not know could be pierced.

2.) Rare middle-aged person:
If you’re incredibly lucky, you’ll come across the rare old person. They don’t come around often, so finding one is like finding a sober person on a Saturday night. How old are they? Why are they here? The class may never know. But steer clear of them, otherwise they’ll turn you into a responsible adult. No one would want that. 

1.) VCU apparel fanatic:
This person takes school spirit way too far. They’ll come in with a VCU hat, shirt or sweatshirt, VCU sweatpants and yellow crocs. It’s possible that their whole closet consists of VCU attire strictly. What more could you ask of a overly dedicated rowdy ram?

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