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Point/Counterpoint: Should Homophobes Be Welcomed at VCU?

Time after time, VCU’s campus is met with a variety of spectacles, including (but not limited to) a magic act next to Cabell or a dog in a tutu who is dogspotting famous (we love you Pomas Jefferson!). But one spectacle that VCU has seen is an onslaught of controversial protesters. Whether it’s in anger or boredom, crowds generally form around these cargo shorts-wearing individuals, bearing signs that carry heavily anti-LGBT messages. Some people aren’t sure they should be welcomed. There are two sides to every story, and we wanted asked both: should homophobes be welcomed on campus? 

POINT: These people are expressing their opinions! If you’re against that you’re against free speech and that’s ILLEGAL! Also, wanna buy a gram for 40, broski?
If I learned anything from my dad and his cop friends, it’s that there’s nothing more important in the United States than protecting free speech. That, and to never forget to kick someone when they’re down.

COUNTERPOINT: You might be illiterate.
Being able to coast through your academic career by doing something athletic was probably really fun for a while, but you might have missed out on a crucial piece of information: Reading is fundamental! If you’ve read the Constitution, you’d know that hate speech is not something that is protected under the first amendment. But go off, Chad, really. 

POINT: They deserve applause. It’s the majority that’s the real minority!
It’s harder and harder for regular everyday Christian-Americans to speak their minds! You used to be able to say things like “Merry Christmas” and “To hell with the gays!” Now it’s like, a whole thing when you say it to an AFO kid, or whatever.

COUNTERPOINT: Do you listen to yourself when you speak?
Aside from that being the most blatant logical fallacy since the notion that women need less-crunchy Doritos, do you really want to advocate for communities that often promote hateful and violent ideologies? Santa wouldn’t do this.

POINT: OMG, like they’re so funny though, I don’t think anyone takes them seriously. It’s not like they’re going to run for president or something.
Ah, those clowns are practically the highlight of my week at this point. Those signs are so ridiculous. I mean, it’s at least something to watch. Better than a movie night in The Commons. It’s not like showing up to laugh at them is doing anything for them.

COUNTERPOINT: Since when is giving homophobes a platform funny?
It’s really easy to see a bunch of people with red and yellow signs shouting about buttholes and think, “Damn, that’s pretty funny.” It’s almost a little impossible. But these people are ultimately bringing VCU hate, and they’re garnering themselves more attention so they can strike a chord with a broader audience one day. You can’t say someone wearing flip-flops and a bucket hat unironically isn’t looking for attention.

POINT: Like, by fighting hate with hate, you’re like doing the exact same thing as carrying a sign that says “STOP THE WAR ON ANUSES.”
That’s like being homophobia-phobic and that’s double bad. You would know if you were as woke as me from all the stuff I read on Twitter, but you’re not.

We too would love to hold hands with the world, but the fact is that this rhetoric that’s being shouted at us as we drag our hungover bodies to Hibbs is malicious and hurtful to communities across the country. Unsurprisingly, people who wave signs that say ,“Homos, masterbaters, and ankle biters” aren’t rational and don’t play by the rules when it comes to engaging in productive and calm discourse. Motherfucker. *drops mic*

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