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How To Prevent People From Sitting Next To You On The RamRide

Waking up early and dragging your lifeless body to the RamRide stop is always dreadful. On mornings like that, you just need to sit alone so you can gather yourself and get acclimated to the new day. The last thing you need is to be lodged next to some stranger for 20 minutes, so let’s explore the clever ways to ensure the sanctity of your morning bus ride.

4.) Take a nap on the surrounding seats:
Bring a pillow and make yourself at home. Spread out on your throne and take a nice nappy-poo on the seats around you. Your peers are exhausted college students as well, so they will almost certainly empathize with you and give you your space. This method should be reserved for more dire situations because you’re only likely to get away with it two or three times. People will eventually get tired of it and confront you.

3.) Be obnoxious:
If you don’t want people sitting next to you, think about the things that would dissuade you from sitting next to someone. Sniffle for the whole bus ride, make sure everyone can hear the music blaring from your headphones, manspread, or chew food as loud as possible with your mouth wide open. There are endless possibilities. Pretend you’re partaking in the loudest phone call of all time about the bed bugs you got from Cabell. Emphasize how contagious they are. This will more than likely give you the isolation you desire.

2.) Wear a “Make America Great Again” hat:
Slap on one of those bad boys and nobody will want to sit next to you. This is one of the riskier tactics though, due to the cold reception and potential harassment you face while wearing something so gross. In doing this, you’ll have to sacrifice any respect or courtesy that you would normally expect from the people around you. If you are that desperate to sit alone, then this will give you the results that you are looking for.

1.) Put a wet floor sign on the seat next to you:
Passengers will see the sign and immediately know to steer clear of that seat. They will assume that there was some sort of a spill and that sitting there could be too hazardous. The last thing they want to do is accidentally slip and hurt themselves. This is also a more bold alternative to putting your backpack on the seat next to you and looking out the window, which is the universal sign for “Don’t even think about it.”

No one wants to interact with, much less sit next to, other humans on the RamRide, so be smart and use these tactics. 

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