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7 Things On Richmond’s Craigslist That Made Us Question RVA

Craigslist is the go-to place for entrepreneurs, college kids trying to find some cheap furniture, and serial killers alike. Every local Craigslist has its own special something to it, but Richmond Craigslist is a masterpiece that will outlive each and every one of us until the sun burns out and all the heat in the universe ceases to exist. To honor this masterpiece, The Black Sheep has mapped out what makes Richmond Craigslist so damn special.

7.) Getting rid of negative spirits is a breeze: 
If you live in Richmond, getting rid of ghosts—some of which are probably racist—is something that you are going to have to do at some point. You may not be able to find an exorcist in any old town’s Craigslist, but here in RVA, chances are you’ll be able to find someone to help you get rid of negative forces in almost every location that also happens to be a restaurant.

6.) Making money and risking your life has never been this easy: 
If you’re looking to make a few bucks while also fearing for your life as a college student, look no further than the Craigslist ads targeting the brokest most morally bankrupt people in Richmond: VCU students.

5.) The free furniture in Richmond can’t be beat: 

You can live one thousand millennia and simply not find deals as good as you will on Richmond’s Craigslist. Some people are willing to give away everything a college student could ever want or need for their new lives on their own! What art student wouldn’t be thrilled to have a toilet placed gingerly in their living room? What minimalist wouldn’t love the two of the only necessary things for them to live in the only affordable bedroom in Richmond (which may or may not double as a storage closet for used wigs.)

4.) A personal touch is never far: 

Much like all Craigslist listings, each item for sale has its own special charm. One of the best places to possibly take home some of a stranger and a rug all at once is Richmond, Virginia.

3.) A free place to dump: 

The fact that this is here gives the world some breathing room. While you unfortunately won’t be able to dump your boyfriend here, this strangely named road adjacent pebble-dumping site is a shining beacon of what it means to be a community, and better yet what it means to be an American—dumping your problems on someone else.

2.) The plot twists are absolutely heart-stopping:

Even the vaguest listings may lead you straight to hell at a death defying speed. If you’re an adrenaline junky, the sharp contrasts between listing titles and their intended use is sure to give you a well-needed kick.

1.) It is a wash in beautiful ironies: 

Whether replying to this ad will lead you to fame or to the bottom of a damp ditch, it’s clear that writers are something this Craigslist user needs desperately. You can’t get this stuff even in the most memorable of your old high school English classes.

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