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‘What Snow?’ Says VCU, as Snow Continues to Fall

As weather reports came in early Wednesday morning, VCU students refreshed their emails repeatedly, hoping for classes to be cancelled, after already being initially delayed, for an incoming snowstorm. 

Instead, students saw something more like this: “VCU will be open at 10 a.m., as there may be a small, teeny-tiny chance of snow.”

As chances of snow remained at literally 100% throughout the day, and snow accumulated throughout campus, many students wondered if VCU would go back on their original call to delay classes, rather than to cancel them all together.

“What snow? There’s snow? If there’s snow, we certainly haven’t caught any word of it,” said one VCU representative, who was seen standing atop two inches of snow.



The decision to remain open has several chilly students in a bad mood, as they struggle to get to class in the storm.

“We’ve cancelled for less,” said Rebecca León, a current junior at VCU. “Last week, my roommate sneezed too hard in the library, and classes were canceled for the week.” 

With weather concerns accumulating faster than the falling snow, VCU issued one final statement.

“As students come to campus today, what we want to make especially clear is this: VCU is in fact open for business, and, no matter the weather, we are ready to take more of your money.”


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