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Top 10 Alternative Uses For Condoms For VCU Students

Most college students are familiar with a condom, whether they’ve used one or not. However, not everyone is aware of the many uses of a condom. Prepping for Valentine’s Day, you went to the pharmacy and spent $2 for those six condoms expecting to have all this glorious sex. Well, we know you were probably a little overzealous with that purchase, so we’re here to give you some ideas on how to make use of those love gloves you won’t use on V-Day.

10.) Birthday Balloons:


We are all broke college students, so why waste money on birthday balloons? A better and more economical idea, would be to get some free condoms from The Well, blow them up and write happy birthday on them. This is a creative and fun way to personalize party decorations and save some money. Plus, obviously one of these wasn’t used when you were conceived! The irony!

9.) Pastry Bag:


For those of us who are unlucky enough to get unlubricated condoms, they can be a great asset in the kitchen, specifically with baking. Condoms act as the perfect pastry bag, they rarely ever break and the pointed tip allows for a precise piping.

8.) Stress ball:


Sex can be a great stress reliever for some people but often individuals are left with an abundance of condoms and no one to share them with. To relieve that pent-up stress, brush the dust off of one of those condoms and fill it with sand or flour. A condom stress ball is easy to make and can be an effective source of stress relief.

7.) Medium for an Art Project:


VCU art students are always looking for a way to stand out, and nothing grabs people’s attention like condoms. From sculpture to fashion, any thing made of condoms will be a memorable and thought provoking display.

6.) Target Practice:


If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable target just use a condom. Fill the condom with milk draw three target rings on it and shoot. When you finally hit the condom target milk will come pouring out and leave the shooter with a great sense of satisfaction. 

5.) Electronics Protector:


Today it seems that people can barely go a few minutes without looking at their phones and some people will go to even use their phones in the shower. When you need to shower but you’re having a conversation over text that you just CAN’T say BRB to, throw that phone in an ultra thin condom. Condoms are waterproof, and the ultra thin ones allow for conversation to continue even in the steamiest of situations.

4.) Acne Treatment:


Studies have shown that sex can result in clearer skinm but what studies don’t include is that lube can too. The lube on condoms acts a great acne treatment, leading to clear skin and more opportunities to use condoms for their original purpose.

3.) Makeshift Tourniquet:


For med students who need to give an injection but don’t have a tourniquet, condoms act a a great alternative. Using a condom tourniquet will help to ease the injection as opposed to its regular function of preventing it.

2.) Jar Opener:



For those jars that are impossible to open no matter how hard you try a condom may be the first tool to penetrate the impenetrable. Putting a condom on a lid will add enough tension to open the jar and enjoy tasty treats inside.

1.) Its Intended Use:


For those who are lacking creativity, or are simply feeling horny, the best use for a condom is its intended one. Condoms come in all shapes and sizes the opportunities for experimentation are endless. Sex without a condom is like baking without oven mitts, eventually you will get burned.


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