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VCU Hipster Embraces Van Life in The Belle Isle State Park Parking Lot

Every day in Richmond, Virginia, there is a hipster searching for a new slightly desperate way to prove to their peers that they’re unique. This summer, one brave student adopted a new lifestyle. Not a carb-free, meat-free, gluten-free lifestyle, oh no: van life.

VCU student Starlight Jones made a choice to become one with nature and stick it to the man by breaking her apartment lease and moving into her 2002 Chrysler Town and Country minivan in the Belle Isle State Park parking lot.

First thing in the morning, Starlight unlocks her car, folds up her hand-woven blanket, and hops out of the van to do some yoga. Yoga is a crucial part of Starlight’s life, and she puts it best: “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” No, this was “NOT found on Google Images,” she says. “I wrote it myself.” (It’s from Google Images.)

After yoga, Starlight goes ahead and bathes in the Rappahannock River. She busts out her non-GMO homemade toothpaste, her bamboo toothbrush, and some siphoned hand soap from the Richmond Visitors Center restroom and goes to town. Before she knows it, her allotted time for half-ass hygiene is up and it’s time for her to get to class.

Once arrived in her Intro to Theatre class, Starlight really begins to thrive. She makes sure to let everyone know what she’s doing for the environment, for anti-capitalism movements, and for her higher power. Even though nobody asked, she feels as though she’s “making a difference in these normie’s lives” and thinks “maybe one day, they’ll understand what she’s doing.” After her harrowing monologue of the time her mom and dad didn’t give her her weekly allowance on time and had to eat ramen noodles, Starlight is exhausted. It’s time for brunch.

Winding down her morning, Starlight goes to the most expensive, most healthy restaurant in the Richmond area, Pit and Peel. There she orders avocado toast and a green smoothie, and decompresses from her taxing performance. Once served her food, she works on her blog in which she talks about her successful natural lifestyle and how everyone should live just like her. After a long morning of not tipping servers, irritating fellow students, professors, and passerby, Starlight is ready for her mid-day meditation, AKA, a nap.

Thanks for following Starlight on her journey to self, and hipster self assurance! In the words of Starlight herself, “Namaste, bitches.”

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