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5 Reasons Why VCU House Parties Are Better Than Any Bar

Some people love a classic bar hop, and admittedly, there is something special about that but there’s nothing like a great RVA house party. While spending money to get publicly intoxicated might be your gig, The Black Sheep has compiled some factors as to why VCU house parties are just more way enjoyable than going out to a popular five-star (okay two-star) bars:

5.) The best drinks:
Surprise, surprise. Obviously a group of teenagers would know how to make any drink better than a skilled bartender. Everyone knows jungle juice is wondrous delicacy, and it wouldn’t be Richmond if each cup of juice didn’t have at least two cigarette butts floating around for some extra flavor. And who are you kidding? You’re saving so much money by drinking cheap alcohol rather than spending your paycheck to get only partially drunk. Now you don’t have to drop $11 on a pina colada before you text your ex, Bradley.

4.) Giant sleepover!:
One thing you can’t do at the bar is have a sleepover with all the people who you just partied with and danced up on. Most people won’t want to wobble on home drunk if you live far, and if you’re a VCU student, you for sure can’t afford Lyft. Now you can be warmly surrounded by your friends and the people they intend to hook up with. Who wouldn’t want to be potentially able to hear their friend gettin’ some at 3 a.m.?

3.) Living on the edge:
Everyone is bound to have a little daredevil inside of them. What better way is there to test it out than by trying to outrun the cops or make a quiet escape after the house party gets broken up? You won’t get this heart-pounding opportunity at a bar, unless you start breaking all the furniture again. Some parties around VCU tend to catch the attention of the Richmond police, and if you’re the host and decide to not flee into the next nearby party, maybe offer the officer a nice refreshing cup of jungle juice. 

2.) Free drinks and a show?:
You’ll be enjoying a nice mixed drink out of your red Solo cup and look around to see some interesting activities taking place: someone will always be either crying, throwing up, or making out. Bars are so boring with their EDM, colorful lights and clean places to stand, and VCU house parties one-up that by offering a variety of entertainmentl ranging from “sad drunk girl crying over ex-boyfriend” to “pretending this is what a bar fight looks like.” At house parties, people-watching is taken to the next level. 

1.) The wonderful aroma:
Who needs a big open space when it’s better to save room and squeeze together so much that you can smell nothing but B.O. and shitty cologne. (Let’s not forget that massive cloud of dank that’s hits you on arrival.) Sharing is caring, and you won’t find that at any bar. Too many people have used just one toilet, now it’s clogged, and the piss smell could not be more pungent. The only sane thing to do is find a corner and pop a squat. Now that’s a party.

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