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Graphs That Accurately Describe VCU Student Life

VCU students often like to consider themselves “trendy” and are always eager to get into the latest hipster fashions. They take great pride in their unique and trendy lifestyles so we wanted to look into some behavioral trends, some facts and figures, that make a VCU student who they are. Through our research, we were able to develop some statistics that accurately describe the unique experience of VCU student life.

7.) Cookie consumption line graph:vcu-1Red Eye’s business continues to improve throughout the school year as students need for food therapy increases. They also see an increase in delivery orders as students start becoming ashamed of just how many cookies they are buying with no intention of sharing.

6.) Upperclassman living conditions pie chart:vcu2The idea of living in a city can be exciting but most upperclassmen will tell you the reality is far from pleasurable. However, most students would rather deal with, poor Wi-Fi, unreliable air conditioning, and outrageous rent, than have to sign their friends in at the security guard’s desk.

5.) Cabell Library activities bar graph:vcu3Sitting in the library you’ll learn more about a stranger’s sex life than whatever subject your studying. Freshmen love to make the second floor of Cabell their personal gossip space, and then when they become juniors they regret all the time they wasted ruining their GPAs.

4.) Carry Street Gym pie chart:vcu4The Carry Street Gym is an impressive facility and filled with the fittest students at VCU. We found many people will arrive see all of the attractive fit people working out and immediately become intimidated and depressed and decide they would rather be at Red Eye.

3.) MCALC bar graph:


The lecture halls in MCALC have the most comfortable chairs and also host the most boring classes. The only way professors get students to show up to their classes is to have it in MCALC and hope that students are allured by the chairs and good Wi-Fi.

2.) AFO student anxiety line graph:



The cardboard loving life an AFO student is arguably the worst freshman year of any major at VCU.  An AFO student can be identified by the sleep deprived and anxiety struck expression that is carved into their faces by cardboard and tears.

1.) IHOP Express pie chart:vcu7 On a Saturday night IHOP Express is always a source of entertainment for everyone except the security guard checking the IDs of everyone who enters. Intoxicated students seeking pancakes gather there to stumble to the bathroom or fall asleep in the booths and those who are coherent enough to order food usually regret it in the morning.

VCU is a unique and colorful university that offers an abundance of possibilities to a student body that is anything but average. Our research showed overwhelmingly that VCU students love Red Eye cookies and will do almost anything for a reliable Wi-Fi connection. A major trend among VCU students is going to MCALC just to enjoy the chairs and waiting until junior year to start building up that GPA because caring about grades is too mainstream.

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