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The Ultimate Guide to Partying at VCU if You’re a Big Loser


On the weekends the streets of Richmond are filled with VCU students all looking to have some fun after a long week of school. Many students go out to parties because they are usually within walking distance provide complementary drinks. Parties at VCU usually start around 10pm and get broken up around 1 or 2 a.m. but there are many different kinds of parties that occur on or around VCU campus.


Frat Parties:
There are many fraternities at VCU, all with different goals and standards but they all throw the same parties.They pack as many people as possible into one home and demand that every man who is not a brother show up with at least three women to “meet the ratio.” The parties get extremely hot and the floors become extremely gross. However students, particularly freshmen, love these parties because of a delicacy known as Jungle Juice which is essentially 90% Hawaiian Punch and 10% beer. The music is loud and correlates negatively  with the DJ’s level of intoxication, meaning as the DJ get drunker the music gets worse.  


Another speciality of fraternities are darties or “day parties.” Theses parties usually last from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and then lead into a regular night time party. They attract a specific kind of student who either has no homework or feels perfectly comfortable blowing off all their responsibilities.


Apartment Parties:
Most apartments are so small once more than ten people are there it feels like a rager. The music is loud and it is such a small space it becomes hard to move. The alcohol supply at these parties is usually exhausted within the first 30 min of people arriving. This results in the first people that arrived staying all night long while anyone else wouldn’t stay longer than 20 minutes. Apartment parties also present the additional challenge of getting into the apartment complex and then finding the apartment. Often when the address of an apartment parties goes out it does not include the room number.


House Parties:
These parties are our personal favorite. They can get packed and crazy but often it’s a large group of friends and extended friends having a good time together. Often these parties will have a game of beer pong going and friends loudly having loud conversations. Occasionally the homeowners will make their own brand of Jungle Juice which is significantly better than what the frats have to offer. In general house parties tend to offer a much more welcoming environment and better alcohol, which are two very important things to consider when partying.    



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