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The Official VCU Pre-Graduation Bucket List You Should Start Now

It doesn’t take four to five years to understand some of the typical aspects of VCU. From Subway’s Sunday swipes, the 24-hours-a-day campus construction, and the healing powers of all thirty-two 7/11’s on campus and their Monterey Jack Taquitos, students get to know the ins and outs of our diversity university. One thing that tends to get overlooked, however, is the VCU bucket list you need to get started on now before you graduate. 

5.) Ordering ‘The Usual’:
It’s every kid’s dream to be able to walk into a restaurant, sit at your usual spot and order ‘the usual.’ Practice makes perfect here. This takes a lot of hard-work, dedication, and well–a decent amount of money, since we can’t all be millionaires who have swipes. You could always try to make your ‘usual’ somewhere inexpensive. Maybe hit up Insomnia Cookies, Red Eye, or even the RedBox on Main–renting 21 Jump Street over and over and over again until when you log in, it already knows what you want.

4.) Get kicked out of a Quidditch Club match:
If you didn’t know before, then you know now that VCU HAS A QUIDDITCH TEAM. Why is that important? Because before you graduate, you need to get kicked out of a Wizengamot Quidditch Club match. Whether it be when you’re older and the umpire at Tuckahoe Little League has it out for your kid, or in VCU intramurals where the referees are worse than Christian’s Pizza at any time ending in p.m., you’ve got to get tossed. The only thing that could make this whole Quidditch ordeal better is if Emma Watson herself exits the game with you (forget about Ron, he ain’t even got it goin’ on).

3.) Attempt a whole-hearted, half-court heave at a VCU basketball game:
In recent years, our basketball team has been known for being extremely talented. This year–not so much. but regardless of our team’s current record, you should try to take a half-court shot at a VCU basketball game. “But what if I air-ball it?!” you ask. Odds are, you absolutely will, Becky. Vegas has the odds of you air-balling the shot at about 20:1, and everyone is more than likely going to take that bet against you. But are you really gonna be a fucking chicken? If you make it, not only are you glad that your friend took a Snapchat video of it expecting you to hit a cheerleader instead of the back of the net, but you’ll probably get some prize money, a quality story for your future kids, and, most importantly, endless clout.

2. Get booed during karoke: 
It only seems fair for one of the VCU pre-graduation bucket list items to be to get booed off stage at Sullivan’s or Sticky Rice for karaoke night mid-performance. From sensually mumbling “My Humps” to spending six minutes butchering “Bohemian Rhapsody,” you’ll bring the place down with you. It only takes about one person sober enough to listen to you sounding like Fergie’s rendition of the NBA All-Star game to start booing, and then you’re off that stage quicker than Travis Scott at Homecoming.

1.) You must go to Mansion: 
Last, but certainly not least, at least once before you graduate, you are obligated to go to Mansion. Everyone has passed Broad Street on a Friday or Saturday night and seen the line of 50-75 people outside backed up to the bus stop in 18-degree weather. Thanks to the wise sage Cardi B, the line never gets cold. You can ditch District 5 and Taphouse for one weekend and spend 94% of your night outside with the rest of the Mansion go-getters. Just make sure to down some Henny Jr. Smith-style, dress warm, and prepare for an exciting 5-10 minutes inside that’s sure to end in sirens! Worth it.


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