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The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for VCU’s Campus


VCU is home to a wide variety of interesting people, unique places, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You spend most your time here but, with the myriad of assignments you’ve put off until the night before they’re due, you may have grown oblivious to some of its charm.


If you any have time between craving the sweet sweet release of death as you stare at your overdue tuition payments and going through caffeine withdrawals because you somehow managed to use all of your dining dollars at Starbucks two weeks into the semester (LOOKIN’ AT YOU, KEVIN. YOU BIG IDIOT.) you might wanna hit up this VCU Campus Scavenger Hunt and make sure you’re not missing out on the true experience that is scuttling about this university like the tired little crustacean you were born to be.


The rules are as follows:
Roll out of bed, message the group chat, and start to check off as many things as you can find on this list.
Whoever has the most points at the end of the night wins.
(You may be asking yourself, “Oh boy what do I win?” A sense of accomplishment maybe? I don’t know I’m not a damn psychic, Kevin. Jesus…)


Now, go get your weird little friends together and have some fun, dude!


Visual Journeys:
– Someone on a pennyboard below the ram horns: 3pts
– A stray wig, all alone: 10pts
– Dead squirrel: 5pts
– Sidewalk ice cream beside Shafer: 4pts
– Some angst filled chain smokers in front of the Bowe Street Parking Deck: 5pts
– Condoms (The Well’s Got ‘Em, So Does The Sidewalk Apparently): 5pts*
* On a vegetable for some reason?: 10pts
– Some vomit in the compass, in front of Strange Matter, or anywhere near Christian’s: 5pts*
* On the first floor of cabell Library:10 pts
– Cigarette Butts: 1pt each
– A Real Actual Baby at Shafer (is it someone’s child or is this baby a genius?): 10pts


Experience Points:
– Getting yelled at by a stranger on West Grace: 6pts
– A frat boy you’ve never met talks to you at IHOP past 12am: 5pts
– You are handed a pamphlet about the dangers of atheism in front of The Commons: 5pts
– As you walk to Panda Express you feel an overwhelming urge to mourn the loss of what once was, and what could have been, had you not decided to live your life this way: 2pts
– Petting a puppy on the compass: 5pts
– A stranger follows you down Broad Street for several blocks: 10pts*
* being followed in the dead of night: 15pts
– Hearing approximately 1,000 plates break at Shafer: 3pts
– Being forced to walk through a vape cloud as you pass any residence hall: 5pts


Let us know your score @BlackSheep_VCU


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