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The 5 Worst Things You’ll Experience at VCU In January

There are a lot of reasons VCU’s campus isn’t everybody’s favorite place to be all the time, and January at VCU is a period of time when this is most evident. Culprit No. 1? The weather. We put our best, brightest and only minds we have to the task of making list of the worst things about VCU in January. Oh boy, do we have some grievances. 

5.) The whole campus turns into a giant wind tunnel:
Thought you would bike to class, or at least walk, without tasting your own scarf? Think again! With the ingenious design of our dearest river city, each gust of wind is multiplied by 420%. This turns the average commute to class into a walk through an icy Category 3 windstorm. 

4.) Walking from Hibbs to Snead:
With 10 minutes to get all the way across campus in -10 degree weather, it’s no wonder Rams are becoming more and more frustrated with the closing of Monroe Park. The walk around the park feels like a trek through Narnia and getting across the windy barren tundra that is Belvidere becomes a trial of life and death and wasted tuition dollars.

3.) Layers, layers, layers:
Preparing for the trek to class involves making sure every square inch of skin is covered by your ugly flannels, cozy sweatpants, and wool socks that see the most wear during these chilly times. Rambucks, hats, scarfs, and dollar bills fly through the air as students become Russian nesting dolls-turned-strippers in the first five minutes of class. You’ve never gotten a swifey proposal faster than in the chilly months of January when every class is a game of “How fast can I take off these layers?” Your professor still shows up in a skirt somehow, which makes you question whether they are actually human or just a cyborg.

2.) Why are all of the academic buildings thermostats at 185 degrees Fahrenheit?:
The fog on glasses is immediate when you enter any academic building, and while we all appreciate the lecture halls being a balmy 185 degrees, it’s mighty difficult to dress for an arctic tundra outside and an educational human terrarium inside. The stark temperature difference makes you feel like a reverse human Hot Pocket—burning hot on the outside with weird cold spots on the inside.

1.) When it’s 10 degress one day and 80 the next:
Almost nothing explains Richmond better than the rapid temperature change. While it may be below freezing and snowing out one day, the next could just as easily be 70 and sunny. This means that even when you’ve switched out Vans for Doc Martens, the possibility of slipping on a random patch of ice leftover from two days before a very real possibility. Well-seasoned Rams know that a snow day is the perfect time to break in a new bong and medicate away the pain of sprained ankles and bruised tailbones. Even your after high won’t know how to react to the random temperature change.

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