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5 Worst Things About Leaving Richmond for The Summer

As every spring semester ends, students find themselves itching for summer. They start to pack up their rooms weeks in advance and skip more and more classes. What they don’t know, however, is the horrors in store for the summer ahead of them. The Black Sheep wanted to lend a helping hand in providing those hopeful students a list of the worst things they’ll find themselves missing and dealing with this summer.

5.) Having to hang out with your high school friends: 

The term “high school friend” is a very loose one. Most students have to part ways with their college BFFs during the summer unless they’re lucky enough to live in the same town. If that’s not the case, then it’s time to dust off the phone book and hit up your high school friends if you want any sort of social interaction, which will consist solely of recapping your academic years and reliving high school gossip. High schools friends aren’t always bad, no, but they’re definitely not the same as they once were.

4.) The thrilling people of Richmond:

The people inhabiting the lovely city of Richmond are truly a different breed, and deserve to be cherished for all that they are. That random guy riding his bike blasting music throughout campus may seem like a nuisance during the hustle and bustle of the semester, but once you head home for the summer, you may find yourself longing for his outdated yet impeccable taste in pop hits. People watching just isn’t nearly as thrilling in the suburbs as it is in a city like Richmond. 

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3.) The (often questionable, but reliable) cuisine provided by Shafer Dining Hall:

Yes, a trip to Shafer does often include some concerning smells and questionable diet choices, but we can all begrudgingly agree that it can be somewhat satisfying. One of the downsides for being home for the summer is once you get hungry, you either have to bravely attempt to cook your own meals, or spend your hard earned and very limited cash on food from a restaurant. As far as cooking your own meals go, the best you can seem to come up with is a mixing bowl full of milk and cereal, every freezer burned chicken nugget you can lay your hands on, or a sandwich consisting of some mediocre lunch meat and unintentionally smelly cheese. 

2.) Cabell…yes…Cabell:

Cabell is a perfect safe haven for those with a less-than-busy schedule. When you’re home, parents seem to be consistently breathing down your neck about how lazy you are. They come up with these ridiculous claims about how you “Don’t need to sleep until noon everyday” and that there’s “Always something productive to be done.” Whatever. Being unproductive in the library is acceptable, though, because you’re most likely surrounded by your peers who are doing just that. Nobody can judge you for spending more time on your Netflix tab than your Google Docs tab, because you’re doing what everyone else is wishing to do.

1.) Having to cram nine months of work into three months of summer:

Most likely, you’re running low on cash. So, you take the first job offered to you and try to squeeze nine months of spending into three months of working a summer job. It’s hell on earth, but your future self will be thanking you when you can actually afford food and toilet paper. A summer you once thought would be filled with beach lounging and spontaneous adventures now consists of scooping ice cream for grumpy families or trying to make sure some idiot child doesn’t drown on your watch at your neighborhood pool. Glamorous, right?

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