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We Made Malört-Infused Cupcakes and Forced People to Eat Them

Jeppson’s Malört has been described as tasting like “gasoline and hairspray,” “the end of a Sharpie,” and “pepper and worms” by The Black Sheep staff. Malört, German for “what the fuck is this shit” (probably), is sold solely in Chicago, and when you’re there, it NEVER RUNS DRY.

Bored with taking Malört shots, we decided to mix things up: we raided our local liquor store, scoped out the nearest  bottle of Malört, and stirred it into a Betty Crocker mix of cupcakes. Voila! Malört-infused cupcakes were born. The smell may have disappeared after, but the taste? Nope, everyone could taste that.

Here are the reactions.

No joke, the label for old Malört bottle used to say: “During almost 60 years of American distribution, we found only 1 out of 49 men will drink Jeppson Malort. … The taste just lingers and lasts – seemingly forever.” When you put it in a cupcake, there’s something that just makes it seem to last even longer.

If you’re curious on what Malört tastes like, or if you want the recipe for our gourmet Malört cupcakes, DM The Black Sheep on Twitter. Who knows, maybe we’ll even ask you to come over and take a shot…

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