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People Try Semen Flavored Lube

Semen, jizz, or the more colloquial “baby gravy” has been described as tasting like “the worst margarita you’ve ever had”, or “a hot wet pina colada hitting the back of your throat all at once” by, well, probably everyone who’s ever tasted it. We can’t speak for everyone when we disagree, but hot, sweaty fruit-flavored drinks don’t exactly scream “put me in your mouth”. So why then did the monsters at Master Series create cum flavored lube? We can’t say for sure, but we do know that that didn’t stop The Black Sheep from feeding big, heaping spoonfuls of the splooge to their corporate employees.

Here, take a look for yourself if you want to see what agony looks like on camera: 


Master Series a.k.a. the devil describes this spunk as a “party in a bottle” that is “perfect for when you’re in the mood for a facial, a pearl necklace or even a creampie”. Now we don’t want to be the ones to point out the obvious, but if you truly wanted any of these things, couldn’t you, ya know, just check off all these boxes with some real cum? Probably a whole lot cheaper, but who knows.

If you find yourself looking to spice things up in the bedroom and you’re tired of the more traditional strawberry-kiwi or coconut lube options, then we sorta kinda recommend you give this jizz flavor a go. Not because it tastes good or anything, but simply because we want you to help us try and understand why this stuff exists. According to at least one of our expert taste testers, this jizz goo stuff is better than the real deal. But hey, it’s not hard to be.

If even after reading this you’re still pretty curious about what this stuff tastes like, you’re in luck! There’s still an entire bottle rolling around in our office somewhere, so just DM us @theblacksheep99 and we’ll be happy to share the dick milk.

Oh hey, listen and subscribe to Talk of Shame:

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