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5 Hokie Tattoos That Will Make You Regret Having Eyes

 So you think you’re a devout Hokie? Well, we all do, kid. We all spend ridiculous amounts of money on season football passes and overly expensive vintage sweatshirts, but no one is a bigger fan of Va. Tech than those who get it tattooed on their bodies. To prove it, we googled “Hokie Tattoos” to show you just how far people will go to show their Hokie pride, even if it means sporting the most horrendous tattoos for the rest of their lives.

5.) Praying it ain’t a veejay:

First of all, we would like to ask God for our forgiveness but we’re really banking on that being an armpit; which doesn’t change the fact that that is still a terrible place for a tattoo. Second of all, we love that this Hokie allowed an 8 year old to shade in their tattoo- it’s a great way to promote creativity in today’s youths.

4.) A memorial gone wrong:

This Hokie either couldn’t find a better way to pay tribute to our lost ones or couldn’t find a better excuse to get a tattoo. The good news is we can click away from this image and never have to see it again, the bad news is this poor Hokie can’t.

3.) HokieP-lease get that removed:

Hokie Smile? More like Hokie Might Need More Fiber in His Diet. It looks like our beloved bird was caught during a bad case of the constipations. We really don’t know who we feel more sorry for: the Hokie Bird or the tattooed Hokie.

2.) Even your tattoo is disappointed in you:

If tattoos could talk, this heart wrenching disaster would be saying “it was up to you to make sure the artist didn’t screw this up, and you let me down, kid.” Wow, imagine disappointing your mom, yourself, and your tattoo all at the same time.

1.) Mozzarella sticks or Hokie Feet?

As Hokies, we all understand that these little foot prints belong to our Hokie bird. Taken out of context, we’re not sure of these are deep fried corn husks or deformed mozzarella sticks. If anything else, this tattoo is a great conversation starter.

There are literal hundreds of better ways to show your Hokie spirit than investing in the life-long commitment of getting a tattoo, especially since they never seem to turn out as good as everyone hopes they would. Next time you feel the need to express your love for the Virginia Tech nation, please consider donating to a poor Hokie’s dining dollars,  paying someone’s parking ticket, or even naming your first born child Addison Caldwell before heading to the tattoo shops.

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