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5 Reasons We Should All Just Take a Nap Until Springtime

We might as well look forward to better and brighter days. Days where we can get to class without acquiring frostbite, where the Turner line isn’t out the door, and spring game is soon approaching. We’re all looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light will (hopefully) soon be found here in our lovely Blacksburg.

5.) Habitable weather:
Soon we’ll be able to walk across the Drillfield without having our lips become instantly chapped- Ah yes, the good old days where having a simple water bottle, not a tube of vaseline and a barrel of lotion, was a necessity. Plus, you’ll actually be able to walk when you’re going out, instead of having to Uber to that party 3 feet from your house. 

The spring game is the highlight of spring semester. All the nostalgia of football season, and no stress to make it to the game because we always win. 

3.) Darties:
Comparable to spring game, but extremely different. Without darties, we don’t know what to do with our Saturdays. Study? Do we study? Create a palace out of cotton swabs? Eat our own hair? Please, Darty Gods, put us out of our boredom. 

2.) No more snow:
The snow/slush will finally be gone! Parking is a nightmare as it is, but when you have to park at Litton-Reeves every day, you might as well just walk across campus naked, because  you’re sure to get hypothermia regardless. 

1.) Bus rides that don’t threaten our lives:
Taking the bus is never fun, especially when the drive slams on their brakes and you hit the stranger in front of you. Hopefully with less snow this will be reduced, however we all know it probably won’t stop. 

All in all we have a lot to look forward to (except graduation), hopefully these next six weeks pass quickly!!


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