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6 VT Foods that Should Be Thanksgiving Staples

Every year we all go home for the week of Thanksgiving only to get a false break from the homework and tests before they hit us like damn train when we return. Then, Thursday comes along and we expect a good meal from our family, but we’re always disappointed. Because can your mother (or Walmart) actually make anything better than VT Dining services? You could stay on campus, have a feast, and miss all the drama back home, or you could tell your mom to change the traditional menu and make all these VT Fan Favorites instead:

6.) London Broil:

Switch Mom’s traditional turkey recipe out for West End Market’s London Broil. It will make Dad happy, because he still gets to carve something. However, instead of the turkey, carve the London broil into juicy, thick slices! Serve with mashed potatoes and smother in lots of Uncle JP’s gravy.


5.) The Whole Owens Carvery Spread:

The Carvery is basically Thanksgiving every day. You’ve got all the great side dishes like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, veggies, and plenty of warm rolls. The mashed potatoes are even made from scratch like grandma makes, except they’re much better. Plus, mac and cheese in your household is just Velveeta which is fake news in comparison to Owens’.

4.) Jamba Juice:  

Combine all those gross veggies that your mother insists on making up into a smoothie from Jamba. Mask it with strawberries, banana and yogurt to make it all taste better. Then you can just sip on the goodness while you watch your little siblings be forced to eat their green beans and collard greens.

3.) Chicken Parm:

The main entree takes place of the typical bird that Hokies can’t eat; eating a turkey would be cannibalism. In fact, give your mom a break this year and invite your entire family to Blacksburg to let them enjoy this meal. You may have to explain to your uncle why it’s such a big deal, but he will know why when he tastes it!


2.) Dessert from Owens:

Pies, pies, pies. Just like your aunt makes, except she didn’t! What could be a better ending to the Virginia Tech Thanksgiving meal? Well maybe a second helping of Chicken Parm, but who said you can’t have both?



1.) Fighting Gobbler Burgers:

This year, get a burger and fries instead of the traditional meal. You can even add to it when you get home and make a traditional Thanksgiving meal sandwich. Just add a thick slice of turkey, cranberry sauce, and a bunch of gravy.

Make your hometown more like Virginia Tech—food wise. After all, once you get drunk with the hometown homies, you’ll be able to provide them with real food and show them how superior your university is. Plus, let’s be honest, Tech’s food is much better than that junk they put in a can and call cranberry sauce.


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