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7 Celebrity Tweets that Sum Up Virginia Tech’s Semester So Far

We are officially half way through the semester. Spring break has come and gone and with it, all of your motivation. To commemorate the semester, we thought it would be nice to look at seven celeb tweets that accurately sum it up.



When it rains and you have to surf the Drillfield to get to your next class on time. 



This retro and now extinct Lohan tweet perfectly sums up those weeks in the semester when you have 17 papers, 23 tests, 13 quizzes, 5 disease curing formulas, 3 open heart surgeries, and a thesis all due at 11:59pm on the same night. 


Here we have Kanye showing a keen understanding of something you might be facing: additional responsibilities. It’s all part of growing up but it still sucks that you have to do things, like making sure you’re looking good before you walk into Owens and have to face that mirror (why is it even there?), or deciding maybe eating the lettuce off your Chick-fil-A sandwich separately doesn’t make your meal healthier.


Oh god guys! We are actually decent at basketball. We even beat UVa! Now you have to act like you know about sportz???  Life’s just not fair, but if you just remember that a shot behind that arch thingy is worth three points, we think you’ll be ok.

Tangentially related to the last post, we have Coach Buzz trying to drop some knowledge bombs. This is good and all, but why does this post seem like a really shady subtweet? Like this seems like a tweet your friend would write after they had to drag your drunk self home because you managed to get both of you thrown out of Hokie House. It’s probably the smug smiley face. Yah, it’s the smiley face.


This one is for all the times someone stole your seat in a lecture hall or managed to ruin your group project.It can also be directly applied to that frat guy who’s strolling around campus in a suit while listening to “Africa” by Toto.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste. You’re too smart to just be focused on solving proofs, or thinking about how Citizens United has led to the special interests groups having even more influence in elections and the legislative process. Sometimes, you got to think outside the box solve important things, and ask the important questions. For example, none of the paths on the Drillfield are waterslides and that is truly disheartening.


Remember, no matter how hard you work, no matter how many hours you study, you will never be Kanye; not even in your dreams.

So, there you go. Celebs summing up your time here this semester better than you can. Now, if only they could take your tests for you…


Need something to help pregame for St. Paddy’s? Try our Vine Power Hour:

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