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7 Things Hokies Find Normal, But Are Totally Weird to Anyone Else

Virginia Tech has many obscure things and traditions that other schools are not blessed enough to have or take part in. You already lovingly embrace Virginia Tech’s weird ways that are just normal to us. Here’s just to name a few…

7.) Drone Cage:
How many universities or colleges can boast they have such a useful drone cage like Tech does. It’s not even an eye sore right next to the duck pond! Tech really has their priorities straight with this one man, not like students are living in study lounges this year.

6.) The Pylons:
No other campus can brag about their Pylons and sacred Cenotaph, they’re specific to Tech. The Pylons contain names of alumni who have died while in military service, while the Cenotaph contains the names of seven alumni who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

5.) Game Ball Run:
If you’ve been on campus before the Homecoming game, then you’ve definitely seen the cadets running around the game ball and hyping up the crowd. They run the ball for 100 miles around the campus during the week of the Homecoming game. We don’t know how they aren’t out of breathe while they’re screaming and running while wearing those shortie shorts because we know we are.

4.) Skipper Cannon:
What school can say they have a cannon? The mold for the skipper cannon was actually created in one of our engineering departments. The first time it was fired it blew the hats right off the VMI cadets. Nowadays, seasoned Hokies are never alarmed when hear a loud boom.

3.) Ring Dance:
This Tech tradition started in 1934 and is paramount in any VT students career. Students receive their rings and basically have a sort of prom night all over again. The night is concluded with a firework display on the Drillfield. Then, “Silvertaps” is played at the end of the evening when the clock strikes twelve. It’s tradition at its finest.

2.) Wine Class:
Geography of Wine taught by no other than the infamous John Boyer. If you have never taken World Regions with Boyer then we recommend taking his Geography of Wine class. You even get to go to outside wine tasting events, which is unthinkable at other universities.

1.) The Hokie Bird:
There is probably nothing more original than our mascot the Hokie bird. Like when Ohio State fans try to make fun of you and say: “What’s a Hokie anyway?” and you can’t really explain so you just scream “I am.” They really have no room to talk; they’re basically glorified chestnuts. But the Hokie is definitely specific to Tech, even if it is a fictional bird we still love our mascot. Roll Hokies.

Whelp there you have it, Hokies. We are a rare breed indeed.


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