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7 VT Things to Do One Last Time Before You Graduate

If you’re a senior this semester, you’re so close to the finish line you can almost taste it. You’ve been avoiding the prospect of finals because, frankly, you just don’t care about them at this point. The weather is finally getting warmer in Blacksburg and all you want to do is get your hands on that diploma and kiss college goodbye. But before you leave, you might want to make sure you do a few more things one last time as a Hokie:

7.) Visit New River Valley Mall:
There are about two whole stores left inside of the New River Valley Mall that haven’t been closed yet. Get some new shoes while you can, because they’ll probably shut down the rest of the stores while you’re still shopping in them.

6.) Stalk the Free and For Sale Page:
You’ve found some pretty decent gems on the Free and For Sale Facebook page since you’ve been here. You got a free uncomfortable futon, a bookcase that was perfect for all the books you don’t even read, and too many iClickers that you’re afraid to admit buying because you always end up misplacing them somewhere. It’s a gold mine.

5.) D2 Dumpin’:
You’ve managed to scrape enough money on your meal plan for one last swipe at any dining hall of your choice. What else should you do but crap all over your stressful life and make your way to D2 to prepare yourself for that final D2 Dump. Bombs away!

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4.) Hit All of the Potholes on Main Street:
No matter how hard you’ve tried, you always end up hitting all of the dozens of potholes on Main Street. As a matter of fact, you’d actually be shocked if you didn’t hit them. So go ahead and do it one more time, for nostalgia’s sake.

3.) Use the Blacksburg Transit App:
We’re only telling you to use that terrible app one last time so that you can remind yourself of how awful it is and finally delete it from you phone. Imagine how good it’ll feel to be free from the reins of that stupid thing that doesn’t even load 99% of the time.

2.) Take a TOTS Flag Pic:
You’re basic and you don’t even care. If you don’t have a picture in front of the TOTS flag, did you even go to this school? Do it for the gram, for the snap, or for the scrapbook you’ve been making in your free time because it’s a better hobby than watching Jersey Shore reruns.

1.) Say Goodbye:
Okay, we’ll try to not sound overly cheesy here. But you’ve said goodbye so many times over the years—when you’ve left for winter breaks, for the summer, for a little getaway when you skipped class—so don’t forget that when you say it this time, it’s for real. We’ll get the tissues ready.

Being a Hokie is special in many ways that only other Hokies could understand. Celebrate the time you’ve spent here and reflect on all the stupid decisions you’ve made over the past four years with some of these last huzzahs.


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