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8 Gifts Wahoos Most Definitely Want for Christmas

HOO ever heard of not giving a Hokie at least one Christmas present with the Virginia Tech logo on it? We haven’t. In fact, we think it’s reasonable to believe that everyone on your list is secretly wishing for some new Hokie gear, including your Wahoo cousin. So, what are you waiting for? Head right now to your favorite Virginia Tech bookstore location to pick up these VT favs:

8.) VT watch: 

Gift your UVA sweetheart this swanky bling that will class up any of their button-ups with khaki pants outfits. It may not cost as much as a Rolex, but it surely looks classier.

7.) VT Christmas sweater:

UVA students think that they’re clever when they show up to a Christmas Ugly Sweater party in this gear. The reality is that they’re actually the best dressed in the place while rocking maroon and orange around the Christmas tree.

6.) Fue Crew t-shirt:

With rumors running around the Justin Fuente may be leaving, each Wahoo is going to want to join the Fue Crew before it becomes the Crew without Fue, especially since they might get a chance to win if he leaves. However, the Hokies already know inside information that Fuente is going to stay and help lead them to many more Commonwealth Cup victories.

5.) VT garden gnome:

Wahoos want eleven VT Garden Gnomes to play yard football with their UVA Garden Gnomes. Not only will the VT Garden Gnomes beat the UVA ones, but it’s another excuse for the Wahoos to dress up in their Sunday best to attend the fake football game in their yard. At least the VT Gnomes will make their yard decorations look a little classier.

4.) Virginia Tech folder:

When your Wahoo opens this gift, they’ll think that you’re a cheapo, but at least you got them something with a UVA color on it. Then, they’ll flip it over and see the beautiful font with the deepest meaning. And if they call you cheap, then just tell them that you bought it from the most expensive place in Blacksburg: the Virginia Tech Bookstore.

3.) Hokie Pokie shirt:

Now that the Hokie Pokie has disappeared from Lane Stadium, Wahoo fans are able to do it without feeling that they’re rooting for the Hokies. HOO doesn’t love feeling the pride from the Tuba section while dancing the Hokie Pokie?

2.) VT team pride light:

These lights have become an American household staple, so why not help a Hoo out and gift them these this holiday season? It’ll save them the time of decorating their house in string lights. Plus, you can even surprise the Wahoo by hiding the lights in a bush across the street to save them time! They won’t even know where the light is coming from; they’ll love it.

1.) Beamer jersey:

Because everyone else in America has a Beamer jersey, why shouldn’t the Wahoos? In Beamer’s first years as head coach, the Wahoos won 3 games in a row. Then, throughout the rest of his career, they only won 6 more out of 29 total games.

Your Wahoo family and friends are going to be very appreciative of these gifts since we couldn’t give them the Commonwealth Cup this year. It’s the least you can give to the less fortunate Wahoos.


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