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A Lazy Hokie’s Guide to Halloween Costumes and Pick Up Lines


It’s October, which means sitting in class while searching for Halloween costume inspiration all over Pinterest. During Halloween there are two objectives: to look good and to take someone home after. And since we care about you paying attention in class, we decided to help you out and save some of your precious time and creative energy. Not only have we found 6 costumes for you to wear, but pick up lines to go with them:


6.) Hollister Bag Model:
“Although you won’t need me, you’ll keep me around because I’m nice to look at.”



A favorite on f*ck boi’s Pinterest profiles so we will probably see a lot of them out this year. It doesn’t matter that it’s a cold October because it’s always a night to take your shirt off.


5.) Exam Week Hokie:
“Let’s Netflix and Nap.”



The nap takes place of the typical “chill” part, which is more of a turn on anyways. With this costume, you will attract all different types of Hokies with your sweatshirt and sweat pants with nothing underneath.


4.) Mario and Luigi:
“I literally cream everyone I play.”



You can attract any hardcore Kart n00b with this line. The n00b will show you how to come first on rainbow road at the dorm competitions and you can teach him/her to come first in other ways. 


3.) President Sands:
“I’ll build a parking garage for you and we can sneak up on the top floor and ;).”



Get the new VT logo tie and suit up for a great night of terrorizing the town and making everyone think that Sands is dancing on the bar at TOTS and getting Rail’d. You might just get mistaken for a Banana Republic model. 


2.) Gumball machine:
“A quarter isn’t the only thing that will go in that slot.”



That slot is a pocket that basically functions as a fanny pack to store your Hokie P and airplane liquor bottles. 


1.) Pregnant Hokie fan:
“If you take me home, you won’t have to worry because I’ve already been Hokie poked.”



A great costume for guys or girls, because it’s Halloween so who gives a shit about gender roles? Don’t go for the typical Hokie bird costume, instead buy the shirt that advertises your support for your children being born (forced?) into the Hokie Nation. Your S.O. can have a shirt that says #IStuckItIn to complete the set.  


No matter what you get dressed up as, every girl you run into in the frat party bathrooms is going to love your outfit and tell you that you’re really cool. Even if you don’t get to hookup with someone by the end of the weekend, you will have put smiles on everyone’s face with these corny pick up lines.




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