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Blacksburg Bartender of the Week: Hokie House’s Tom


Name: Tom
Bar: Hokie House
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Major: Theatre and Business
Favorite Drink: Gin and Tonic. I feel kinda classy when I drink it.
Favorite Shot: Crown Royal Vanilla
Disgusting Drink: Tequila Sunrise


Where’s the best place for a sneaky makeout sesh in Hokie House:
Under the pool tables


What’s the fanciest booze you got in Hokie House if we wanted to impress a date?:
Johnny Walker Red


What’s the best hook-up story you’ve ever heard about someone?:
I have friends who live in Iceland that hooked up and found out that they were first cousins.


Who do you have a weird crush on?:
Anderson Cooper and the Trivago guy


How would Valentine’s Day be different if Tinder was invented 400 years ago?:
Technology is so advanced at this point that if Tinder was invented 400 years ago, we’d currently have the technology where every time you look at someone who you think is attractive you get a light bulb above your head. And vice versa. That way you know it’s a match if you both have light bulbs.


F***, Marry, Kill: Cupid, St. Valentine, Forrest Gump:
F*** Cupid, marry Forrest Gump, and Kill St. Valentine


Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve had 10 shots…:
Please drive me home.



Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Because ya’ll are funny, and I’ve enjoyed this interview. I’m being interviewed by the two most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.



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