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Best Tweets from the VT Miami Game This Weekend


Hey Hokies! So the Miami game didn’t quite go our way, but it did cause some nice tweets to come to light. Let’s go take a peek at some of them.





We’ve never quite heard this expression be used before. It seems a bit odd to suggest that we imprison our kickers, especially a kicker that hit a 50+ yard field goal. But maybe you know something that we don’t? And where exactly is this dungeon, Luke. We need answers!






This person isn’t affiliated with Tech, but we couldn’t let this tweet slide. How are you going to even pretend that A-Rod and J-Lo are a big deal? Is this 2004? Also that turkey gobbling sound is menacing and accompanied with the shaking of keys. Don’t try and dismiss us.





We would too Dani. Like what are you even going to do with a Turnover Chain? Maybe you could walk around Main Street looking like a douche but that’s about it. You can actually put things in the Lunch Pail, like your hopes and dreams or some queso.





Josh Jackson, Tech QB and lover of Spongebob, is a national treasure that must be protected at all costs. The fact that he came out of the game due to injury was probably a blessing in disguise. No need for him to take the beating he was. Miami was probably just jealous of him.





Hank’s really breaking it down here. He was able to capture Hokie Nations feelings on the loss in a somewhat concise tweet. Grade: A+ analogy and A- shades.


So there you go. You got to relive the game. Tech isn’t quite going to make it to the Natty this year, but next year… yeah, next year… they probably won’t win it then either.




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