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Blast from the Past: A Look Back at Hokie Bird’s Biggest Moments

It seems like our beloved mascot has lived an incredibly notable life. Ever the humble bird, he has tried to keep his past under wraps. But, with the right kind of bird feed brownies and a shoulder massage or two, the Hokie Bird has graced us with a few photos from his photo albums.

Pictured: Baby Hokie Bird aces his first test (early 60s):

The Hokie Bird has always been a studious fellow. Here he is, somewhere in NOVA, beaming as his mother takes a photo of him holding up the grade he got on a times table test. The Hokie Bird apparently got so excited he ended up eating the test on the bus home, and he came home in tears. He could only be consoled after his mother promised to take this picture, forever immortalizing the grade on the family refrigerator.

Pictured: Hokie Bird shakes hand with stranger (1970):

Due to his father’s position as Director of Avian Outreach, the Hokie Bird took many a trip to the White House as a kid. Here he is reluctantly shaking the hand of someone he just refers to as “icky”. We wonder if the person shaking his hand knew what a great individual the Hokie Bird would mature into. He does look a little preoccupied, so maybe he didn’t.

Pictured: Hokie Bird trying to impress his future wife (late 80s):

The Hokie Bird survived the 80s without any embarrassing photos of himself in a jumpsuit or wearing a fanny pack. Despite his luck in those areas, he found it hard to succeed in the dating scene. He was a reformed playboy who was about to give up on love when he met a beautiful, blonde Tech alum with a spunky attitude. This photo was the moment the Hokie Bird believes the girl decided to take mercy on him and accept his invitation to dinner.

Pictured: Hokie Bird scoring buckets (mid 90s):

Here is a pic of the Hokie Bird, an avid sports fan, getting ready to dunk at a charity basketball game. As he lettered in four sports in high school, it’s not surprising to see the Hokie Bird still so athletic at this age. It also doesn’t hurt that he can fly.

Pictured: Hokie Bird trying to help his kid invent the future (early 2000s):

The Hokie Bird has always had a good relationship with humans, so he wasn’t disappointed when his son came out looking like one (the Hokie Bird was quick to say that his son has talons, though.) The tech-savy bird is completely engaged as he gives his son the information needed to succeed in an ever modernizing world.

Pictured: Hokie Bird giving back to the community (circa fall 2017):

The Hokie Bird, now an accomplished mascot, engineer, philanthropist, and bird watcher, has decided to take it easy the last couple of years. Age has started to wear him down, and he has chosen to focus on being a good grandfather and Hokie ambassador.

Wow, if we didn’t see the pics and the proof, we wouldn’t have believed it either. Keep doing you, Hokie Bird!

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