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D2’s Secret Menu That We Secretly Made


D2 – the perfect mixture of convenience, cheapness, and questionable food. It’s Virginia Tech’s buffet-style dining hall on campus that induces the freshman 15. The dining hall allows students to pick and choose between a plethora of different entrees however long you decide to stay there. But for those of you who are feeling adventurous and/or want to procrastinate, we at The Black Sheep have gone one step further than their usual menu. We’ve created a secret menu. Give it the old Hokie try and test our creations. 


PB&J With a Twist:

Edens offers bread, jelly, and peanut butter for those who enjoy this classic sandwich. But if you want to teach an old sandwich some new tricks, then swap the jelly for sriracha (found with the condiments) and add some spice to your life. Likewise, you can get a grilled cheese from Olives and add jelly for a sweet/cheesy upgrade to this old chestnut. 


Food Mashup - VT - 1.1


Food Mashup - VT - 1.2


Hummus Chicken Nuggets (Vegan!):

We haven’t forgot about you Vegans (and you don’t let us forget you are one). D2 has a whole section dedicated to you animal worshippers, but why settle for the pre-made? Get vegan chicken nuggets and slather some hummus between two of them. Voilà. Now you can add chef skills to your repertoire of things to brag about. 


Food Mashup - VT - 1.3


Root Beer Floats and Milkshakes:

Who doesn’t enjoy this easy-to-make dessert? Get soft serve ice cream and mix it with root beer. It’s pretty simple. If you’re too good for the float, there are plenty of other drinks to add to your cup of soft serve. And since D2 is synonymous with Tech’s famous chocolate milk (thank you, brown cows) try mixing it with the soft serve for a milkshake that’ll knock Chik-fil-A’s out of the park. 


Food Mashup - VT - 1.5


Waffle Pizza:

Everyone loves pizza, and everyone loves waffles. In the spirit of enjoying both, make a waffle pizza. You can make your own VT-emblazoned waffle at Edens. Get the cheese from Edens as well and the marinara sauce from Mangia. Add the cheese and the sauce to the waffle and get creative with the toppings. 


Food Mashup - VT - 1.7


D2 is more than just a dining hall. It’s a place where you can get your creative juices flowing and really invent the future with your food. Just don’t forget that the more you experiment with their food, the more likely you’re going to be hitting the bathrooms later on – so be careful.


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