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Why VT Dorm Friends Are Forever (or Not)


Making friends the first couple weeks at Tech can be tough. Luckily for you baby Hokies, your first group of friends is literally assigned to you. From Pritchard to Slusher, hall friends can be wonderful and disastrous. Did you get to know some cool people from NOVA who live across the hall? Great! Being forced to hang out with someone you hate and then running into them while walking across the Drillfield… not so great.


“My roommate started out super normal. We met on Virginia Tech Class of 2020 Roommate Search and planned out our whole room together. But when we got to Slusher, I figured out that our definitions of teal are…very different. Now, our comforters don’t match our monograms and I hate her guts,” said Tiffany Smith, a freshman at VT.


Roommates aren’t the only potential issues. Suitemates and hallmates can end up being just as much of a nuisance, never taking the hint that you want them to leave so you can go to bed and rest up before your trek to Goodwin in the morning.


We spoke to another freshman living in Pritchard, Rachel Drew, “The girls in my hall are always asking me to go to D2 with them or wander around Pheasant Run. It’s seriously so annoying, like stop trying so hard.”


While the only thing some freshman hall mates have in common is proximity, for some, it seems to work out for the best. They will certainly stay friends once they all join other organizations and move to different apartment complexes next year.


“I love my hall girls! We can’t believe that the system randomly put us all together. They are going to be the bridesmaids at my wedding and my best friends forever,” said freshman Lucy Martin.


For boys, living in a dorm poses a different set of obstacles. With so much testosterone brewing in close proximity, they end up competing over every girl they see and attempt to mark their territory by peeing in elevators.


“Dorm room hook ups are a dangerous game, that’s why I don’t want to date a girl in the same dorm as me. It’s not because I couldn’t, because they’re all into me, it could just get too messy and ruin my friendships with all the ladies in the hall. Besides, so rude to keep sexiling my roommate. I mean, we share chubbies. Don’t want to ruin that,” said Tim Carney, freshman resident from West Egg.


Dorm friends make great company the first weeks while you’re learning to live on your own in Blacksburg. Just be wary of signing housing contracts for next semester with your dorm friends too soon, a lot can change in a semester or two…


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