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Exposed: President Sands Loves Taking Hobby Lobby Photoshoots

 Christiansburg welcomed its very first Hobby Lobby into the area last month and it’s been quite a popular place for crafty Hokies. Perhaps the biggest fan was the Hokie-In-Chief himself, President Timothy Sands, whom we had the pleasure of running into last weekend at the hopping craft and décor mega store. President Sands was in the middle of the Ugly Location: Hobby Lobby Photoshoot Challenge when he agreed to spare a few minutes to talk with us, here’s what he had to say:

“I used to love going to grandma’s house: fresh baked cookies, story time, a sweater stitched with love! Remember kids, you can kiss your grandma and still be an adult.”

“This place is even better than I expected! Hmmm, I bet they won’t have –they have it! Canned bread! This place is great! I would really be impressed if it had –an interpretive dance academy?! This place is perfect.”

“Art is not all fun and games. It’s a lot of hard work. Okay, repeat after me: I have no talent. President Sands has all the talent. If I’m lucky, some of President Sands’ talent will rub off on me.”

“Ahh, springtime in Blacksburg. Sea Creatures have an innate sense of seasonal changes; like the starfish. One survey of his environment and he knows …it’s Spring!”

“What?! Funding down three dollars from last month? I got to start running a tighter ship around here!”

“There’s only one fish in the sea that’s as long, tan and handsome as I am. And that’s me!”

We would like to thank President Sands for his time and words of wisdom he shared with us during his photoshoot challenge, as well as his crew of photographers for giving us full use of their photos. We’re not quite sure what the Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge means to President Sands, but we wish him the best in his creative endeavors.

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