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Find Out What John Boyer, Bud Foster, and President Sands Have to Say





 “I think Napa Valley is called that because drinking wine makes people sleepy and want to take a “Nap-a in a valley. At least that’s what it does for me.”

-John Boyer On why Napa Valley is called Napa Valley




Some call it resting bitch face, but I prefer to call it domination by smizing—Tyra knows what she’s talking about. It’s especially useful on game day. Great tactic to get the boys ready to get that W. Very intimidating. ”

-Bud Foster On Smizing




Ducks are the rats of the duck family. I hate them. Sometimes I’ll just be walking, minding my own business and one will all of a sudden waddle up to me and I’m like: be gone duck. I’ll take away your home. They usually leave. I like to think of myself as a duck whisperer. “

-President Timothy Sands On Ducks


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