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FitBit Malfunctions After Excessive Use On VT Campus

News has recently broken about a FitBit malfunctioning and having an actual nervous breakdown while on the wrist of a VT sophomore student.

The FitBit, having been trained to count steps for the average human, was built to do its job at a normal pace and to silently encourage its human to reach their daily 10,000 step goal. This FitBit, however, clearly didn’t know that every day is leg day on Virginia Tech’s campus and became instantly overworked.

The FitBit had been paired with his human for just a matter of weeks before it began to experience its first waves of exhaustion. “Initially, I was thrilled by this constant movement and exercise across campus,” said the FitBit. “Like, this kid’s reaching their step goal on Tuesdays and Thursdays no problem.”

It would seem that this sentiment did not last long, as the FitBit began to experience extreme exhaustion.

“Okay but honestly, now this is exhausting,” the FitBit complained.”This campus is insane, I’m working overtime every day, and my wife is getting increasingly upset at how much time I’m spending at work. The kids won’t even look at me anymore.”

The FitBit was admitted to Schiffert only to be given a single cough drop for his troubles and is now at home getting some much needed rest.

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