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How to Have The Perfect Mardi Gras in Blacksburg


Fat Tuesday is the English translation of Mardi Gras. While it started as a Christian event—one last party before lent—it is now a hedonistic tradition where people stuff their gullets with alcohol and food. Let’s face it. Blacksburg isn’t New Orleans or Rio. There won’t be any crazy parades or giant block parties with beads, boobs, and booze. But that doesn’t mean us Hokies can’t find a way to laissez les bon temps rouler.


Go DT:

Sure, Main Street won’t be as crazy as Bourbon Street, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to get shitfaced. There will be drink specials at the restaurants/bars like Boudreaux’s, El Rods, and Hokie House. Regardless of where you go, just get drunk to the point that you honestly want to give up alcohol for the next forty days. Don’t worry though: drunken verbal contracts are not legally binding.  


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This day is all about over-indulgence, so forget the salads and smoothies from Turner. Go to D2 and fill up as many plates as you can carry. Order a whole Benny’s pizza. Order everything on the menu at Qdoba. Raid the snack section at Kroger. Buy several king cakes. This day should and will make up for all the times you decided not to have that extra scoop of ice cream. 


Dress Up:

Mardi Gras is an excuse to wear those metallic green leggings you bought for your Halloween costume that you never thought you’d wear again. Purple, green, and gold are the official colors of Mardi Gras, representing justice, faith, and power. And since you’ll be pounding Hurricanes from the time you wake up, why not go to class in a sexy jester costume?



Mardi Gras is literally a celebration of excess. So forget about homework, tests, and quizzes, and go out for a night you won’t forget (or will forget). It’s a night for lowered inhibitions and lack of judgment. When else are you going to get the chance to go ham and be justified under the connotations of the holiday?  


Fat Tuesday is the equivalent of a typical college weekend, except you’re technically supposed to give up all the debauchery during the following forty days. Lent is basically the Catholic’s version of New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re religious, then have a great last hurrah. If not, then do it all again next weekend.


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