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Idiot Who Didn’t Bother To Do The Reading Can’t Understand Why This LearnSmart Assignment Is So Flim, Flam Difficult

Jim Bond, a sophomore at Virginia Tech who waited until the hour it was due to start his LearnSmart assignment and who also didn’t do the reading, is struggling to understand why it’s “so fucking hard.” 

Those who took the extra five minutes to read the 10 page assignment, claimed that the text very clearly highlighted the answers to the 40 question survey, and that bond is in fact a dumbass.

“Yo, the reading went so far as to fade out the blocks of text that weren’t important,” said Aaron Sacks, who did the reading like a good little boy. “I skimmed it and got 100%. Like, c’mon dude.”

Even after answering the 17th question wrong, and hearing the LearnSmart woman remind him to go back and read the text, Bond continued clicking the “I know it” button with the same confidence international students have walking into class wearing Balenciaga boots. 

“Same thing happens every time I log in to LearnSmart,” Bond stated. “I’m always pretty sure it’s going to go fine, but it’s just fling flangin’ hard! I don’t get it, what am I doing wrong?”

Many other students have sited LearnSmart as being a pain. They also claim that they retain none of the information from the assignments, but they are smart enough to realize they’re paying for this class, not just to be an idiot.

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