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Tech Incoming Freshmen Excited to Tell Each Other How Unique They Are


As congratulations to everyone on their acceptance to Tech flood the Virginia Tech Class of 2021 group page, so does thousands of unsolicited bikini pics and “look at how many friends I have” pics. Not to mention our favorite: the “I have a girlfriend” pic. These Hokies are fun-loving, easy-going little psychopaths who are down to par-tay but also down to Netflix and gain their freshman 15 all in one sitting.


Unlike previous freshmen year class pages, the class of 2021 brings something new to the table – originality… we’re kidding. We’re sure these baby Hokies are just steaming with unique personalities, but we’ve noticed some classic similarities amongst this group of giddy graduates. Let’s all collectively cause ourselves brain aneurisms by rolling our eyes too hard:


The “As of right now”:
This statement usually leads with a “Hey guys!” and ends with a half-assed attempt at finding a roommate for next semester –sometimes followed with an embarrassing cry for friendship that’ll only last for about a week.








The “I posted this a while ago but…”:
Yes, please remind us how your favorite show on Netflix is The Office and how grades are important to you and how you’re still trying to figure out ways to smuggle your dog into your dorm with you because you don’t know how you will ever live without him –we missed it the first time.









“VT is a top choice”:
You can either go to the best school in the whole world that has ever existed or you can choose to go somewhere that’s not Virginia Tech, but it’s your choice Karen.













The “Here’s a little bit about me”:
These little bits of you tend to run on for a little bit of an eternity, but we really do enjoy learning that Chipotle is your life and that you’d rather be sitting on your ass somewhere on a sandy beach. After all, we’re all very concerned with your plans to rush.














The only reason why we can make fun of them is because we used to be them. It seems ridiculous to us now, but 2+ years ago, we all remember how important it was for us to let people know how absolutely unique and fascinating we were. Nonetheless, welcome to VT, future Hokies! Remember this excitement now, because college actually kind of sucks.




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