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How Many Coffee Refills At ABP Does it Take to Worry the Cashiers?

Everyone is settling into the rise and grind of the new semester, and when you’re not crying, stressing, or studying, you’re most likely taking advantage of the unlimited coffee refill system at one of the million ABPs on campus. Because of this, you might wonder whether or not cashiers get concerned about you when you get in line for your second, third, or tenth cup. We decided to investigate so you don’t have to.

9 a.m.:
It’s stupid early. There’s no way any brain can function at this hour without at least a little bit of caffeine. Because this is our first fill of coffee, the cashier looks nothing but understanding at the moment. After all, it’s too early for them too and they’re probably too tired to even waste energy worrying about any caffeine-addicted fools around them.

The same cashier is working, so we already know we have to go through their line again. There’s something about showing your receipt from earlier for the free refill that feels as nerve-wracking as showing a bouncer your ID even though you’re 21. The cashier gave that “I gotchu” nod, and it kinda seems like we’re buddies now…?

10:20 a.m.:
The cashier gave us a weak smile, like they’re pitying us. Not gonna lie, it feels a little embarrassing, but at least they’re trying to not be judgmental. We appreciate you, cashier friend. You should get a raise.

10:50 a.m.:
Worried about looking insane, we hit up the cashier with an “It’s one of THOSE days” explanations. The cashier laughed with us (or maybe at us, we’re still not sure) and said “We’ve all been there.” It’s safe to say we’re definitely buddies now. It’s only a matter of time before we come up with an exclusive handshake. If we’re being totally honest, we dumped out this entire cup of coffee so we could leave room for one last trip to the cashier.

11:15 a.m.:
This is the last refill we can stomach because we’ve already gone to the bathroom thirteen times this hour. We don’t even try to make conversation with the cashier this time because the ABP is experiencing one of its expected rush hours, but it’s all good because we seem to have a mutual understanding with one another.

After going through our in-depth investigation, we can conclude that you should feel totally fine getting a ton of refills at ABP. The cashiers won’t judge you (or at least they’ll act like they don’t) and you’re getting way more than your money’s worth. So go ahead and hog an ABP table all day and get that caffeine you deserve.

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