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A Poem To President Sands, From the Class of 2018

 We want to thank you for giving us
A few years of love and trust
And a few more that were kind of

We started this journey together
And were all so excited for the new endeavor
To make memories that probably won’t last forever
But hey, it’ll look good on the resume.

We built our GPAs and you built some new dorms
We joked about traffic and Blacksburg storms
We partied, we sang, and complained of freshmen swarms
That continue to grow by the year.

There wasn’t a dry eye when Beamer went ‘Bye!’
And after a lot of convincing, the new logo looks fly
But what we will miss the most is the unicycle guy,
The true spirit of Virginia Tech.

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Bey and Jay were brought out to play
And turns out Addison wasn’t going to stay
In front of Major Bill, but that’s okay
We still see him on the regular.

Brad Paisley came and sang us free tunes
While sorority girls got wasted on stow-away Grey Goose
We met Gucci and Dicky and farmer’s market produce
And oh yeah, John Mulaney was there too.

In came the new drone cage and out went South Gate Drive
We understand it was all for the university to thrive
And to make Tech the best for those to arrive
No matter the price.

Forgive us if we have forgotten anything,
A lot of change 4 years can bring
We all grew up so much in those winters and springs
But now it is time for us to go.

So with this we leave you and our beloved university
Looks like we’re both onto bigger and better opportunities
Of course we’ll visit as soon as we pay our annuities
But before we leave, we have one last request:

More commuter parking spots please.


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