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The Queer Eye Guys Take on the Virginia Tech Campus

They know all about making the best lifestyle choices, having a good time, and making viewers cry uncontrollably with a pint of ice cream every episode. What else could we be talking about other than Queer Eye, the reboot that recently started streaming on Netflix and quickly became the #1 source of procrastination for college students. The show has been such a success that the Fab Five have already started filming their next season, and the Virginia Tech campus was their very first stop. Here’s a sneak peak into season numero 2:

Antoni – Food & Wine:
At first Antoni was nervous about dealing with a campus that is known for having some of the best college food in the entire country. What kind of an impact was he going to make at a college where students can literally get ladybugs in their soup? And then it hit him—Microwave 101. He held a seminar for those grown adult humans who somehow still manage to burn popcorn in microwaves in Slusher, constantly setting off fire alarms on top of that. We are eternally grateful.

Karamo – Culture:
Graduation is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate getting your degree than a professional photoshoot on campus? Karamo has been giving free lessons to students on how to walk across the stage at graduation, and you can see people practicing all across campus. Remember that one guy blasting Africa across the Drillfield? That was Karamo’s finest work.  If you can’t hear Jonathan saying “Yes, hunny !!” at you in the background, you’re not walking right.

Tan – Fashion:
Perplexed as to why all of the students found the need to wear maroon and orange every single day as if it would kill them to wear other colors, Tan’s first mission was to introduce Hokies to the wonderful world of cool-toned designs. He made sure not to mix any orange and navy prints, so that no one would be mistaken for “rubbish” Hoos, and was absolutely “gobsmacked” at how small the closets in the dorm rooms were. He is currently collaborating with Alumni Hall to make a Tommy Bahama x Hokie crossover line.

Bobby – Design:
After taking one look at the sorry mess that is McBryde Hall, Bobby knew exactly which building he was going to renovate. He mapped out a plan to make it possible for people to actually find their classes inside, and took off all of the outdated flyers stuck on all 10,000 bulletin boards scattered throughout the building. He really does have the hardest job, doesn’t he?

Jonathan – Grooming:
Jonathan figured it would be super duper cute to set the Hokie Bird up with some deep conditioner so he can keep his feathers nice and soft all year round. No other mascot’s going to be looking as fabulous as he is! In addition to this, he decided to shampoo Buzz Williams’ perfectly bald head in his spare time during the week. Can you believe??

The Fab Five have made their impact on Tech’s campus, and it’s changed the lives of Hokies everywhere. Tune in next week to see the Property Brothers take on their biggest challenge yet: Slusher tower.

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