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The Rundown on The Best Blacksburg Trivia Nights

There’s practically nothing to do in Blacksburg. Unless you’re into underground sandwich shops or weird vegan boutiques, Blacksburg is not the town for you. Given the high volume of college kids, there is one thing The Burg brings to the tables: trivia nights. Trivia nights are what make our lonely, penniless and otherwise mundane lives worth living, and no one knows trivia nights better than The Black Sheep. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with our utmost professional and objective opinions about the three most popular trivia nights of Blacksburg.

3.) Mellow Mushroom:
When: Wednesday’s at 7:30 p.m.
What you’ll experience: If you like long waits at the door and leaning against the back wall for hours at a time, Mellow Mushroom trivia night is the trivia night for you. Featuring large crowds of beer gurgling 20-something’s, loud noises and difficult questions only your great uncle and former self-proclaimed NPR correspondent, Eustace, would possibly know, Mellow Mushroom will provide you with top-notch info-tainment for a few hours before your crew decided they’d rather hit up the hookah lounge for better quality conversation.
Rating: 3 stars, only because the pizza is bomb

2.) Sharkey’s:
When: Tuesday’s at 9 p.m.
What you’ll experience: Sticky townies and tables lathered in ketchup are what you’ll find for a quick round of Mario Kart or a long night of trivia at Sharkey’s. This is a great time to get sickly annoyed at that one song you heard playing on k92 a few months ago, and an even better time to meet the urine scented, stained-toothed, My-Mom-Picked-Out-This-Haircut-In-The-Third-Grade man of your night.
Rating: 3 stars, the judging is totally rigged!

1.) Hokie House:
When: Wednesday’s at 7:30 p.m.
What you’ll experience: If you’re not a stranger to Blacksburg nightlife, you’ll know that Hokie House low-key bangs. It’s small, quaint and for some reason reminds you of home. Hokie House surrounds you with great friends you haven’t formally met yet and themed questions that you swear to god you
knew but the broski from the table over is totally stealing your answers and it’s distracting you from remembering the difference between Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.
Rating: 5 stars, best of da best

You won’t fully understand the quality of a trivia night until you experience them all, so we fully suggest you shake out your crusty Thinking Pants and ban together a group of smartasses for a few weeknights away from avoiding your responsibilities with Netflix.

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