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Sign the Petition to Extend VT’s Fall Break to Monday


Hey Hokies. Unless you have the awareness of a freshman in Turner, you must know that Fall Break is on Friday. Well, it’s not actually a break, maybe a break in spirit. Like someone says “the Hokie Bird is my spirit animal,” they are not actually purporting to be the Hokie Bird. It’s the same thing for Fall Break.


Fall Break can be a break if we pretend it is. Or, you can sign this petition to allow us to get that Monday off too! This is something big you can do to create real change at Tech. Forget the Big Event or participating in campus activities. By signing this, you’ll really be “Inventing the Future” (or whatever our slogan is now). Signing this petition will allow for:


1.) More time for students to drive home:
To the parents they have been ignoring

2.) A sharp increase in the quality of Halloween costumes and parties:
As any good person knows that these take time and effort

3.) A whole Monday to recover from any hangovers:
These are accumulated in hometown bars and seeing people you didn’t want to see.

4.) A continued effort to make the learning experience at Tech better:
We’re working on changing McBryde to the “Fortress of Doom” next.

5.) Increased studying time for midterms:
Or let’s face it, more time to put off studying for midterms.


Be on the right side of history and sign this petition. All your friends will probably do it, and you don’t want to feel left out. Click the link and drop a signature. Then celebrate your role in our victory by doing something unproductive, like walking back and forth on Progress Street and yelling, “I’m a Hokie, motherducker” to all passing cars. We hope you have a good day and exercise your 1st amendment rights, rather than your second amendment rights, by signing our dandy petition. Ciao.




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