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Skipper Cannon Misfires, TOTS Flag Tragically Destroyed


The Virginia Tech flag located at TOTS is considered to many Virginia Tech students and alumni to be just as symbolic as the Pylons or the Hokie bird statues. The flag has been featured in almost every 21st birthday picture a Tech student has ever instagrammed since the dawn of time. But, due to a freak accident, the TOTS flag is no more. Before the first home game against Liberty this past Saturday, the Skipper Crew was practicing and missed their target, accidentally hitting and taking out the TOTS flag.


“It all happened so fast. We lost control of the cannon, heard a boom in the distance, and got a call from the police about the travesty. We are all very sorry, and hope to not be punished too harshly for this huge mistake,” crew member, Heath Reynolds said.


We were able to reach VT police for comment, “There most important thing is nobody was hurt, and Skipper is being placed under investigation and hopefully will never do anything like this again.”


For many Virginia Tech students, the flags disappearance has not gone unnoticed and is not being taken lightly. The flag is a staple of the Blacksburg bar, and draws in a crowd of students every night to take their iconic TOTS flag photo.


“We showed up at TOTS after a long day of tailgating and football. I was so excited to get my first TOTS flag of the year photo with my friends after winning the game. To my surprise and horror, the flag was gone. Why didn’t anyone warn me? I was so disappointed,” student Rachel Flounder said.


But never fear Hokies, the TOTS flag is going to be put back up as soon as a new one is complete. It might take a few weeks, but plans are in the works for an even bigger and brighter flag. With love, support and patience from the Blacksburg community, the cadets on Skipper Crew, and the VT police, a tragedy like this can be prevented from happening ever again. RIP to the ~original~ TOTS flag, you will be missed.


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