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Student Who Hiked Dragon’s Tooth ‘Pretty Sure The Dragon Could Stand To Floss’

Kyle James, a senior history major, spent his weekend hiking Dragon’s Tooth. At 1,505 ft., with a length of about 5.7 miles, Dragon’s Tooth is a ‘death sentence’ for those any inexperienced hiker who sweats just walking from one side of the Drillfield to the other. James, who is one of those people, was not upset about the effort but more so by the lack of dragons, and the one dragon’s inability to remember to floss.

“Since coming to Tech I’ve discovered my secret passion for hiking, or at least  discovered my passion for hiking 20 minutes up the Cascades trail to take a classic Insta pic and see some dragons,” James mentioned before being disappointed by the lack of magic and excess of moss.

Though many other hikers claim the climb to be scenic and beautiful, James was only able to focus his love for dragons, and how ‘dirty’ he found the landmark to be.

“The whole place just smelled like…nature,” he explained, with a great sigh. “And it wasn’t until I got to the top where I saw nothing but a giant rock… Honestly, this tooth is disgusting. Flossing is so freaking easy, just get one of those pick things, Jesus. Chip Skylark would not be amused.”

After returning to campus James stated the disappointment he’s felt is a pain “worse than actual wisdom teeth removal,” and he hasn’t left his room since.

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