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Students In West End Lines Request FEMA Aid As Wait For Pasta Enters Third Day

Days of anguish came to a head Monday afternoon as FEMA volunteers burst into West End to deliver much needed food and water to students stuck waiting in record long lines.

The problems began Friday night as the line at Fire Bistro spilled into Cochrane Hall. Students stayed in the line well past closing to wait for their orders.

“I paid for pasta and the chicken caesar side salad, so obviously I couldn’t leave,” said sophomore Brady Siegel. Conditions did not improve and students were stuck waiting all of Sunday and well into Monday. Reports began to surface Sunday night of starvation and unsanitary conditions in the lines.

The lines have been attributed to low staff numbers by West End management, but some students had other theories. There have been rumors that the employees of West End were planning some sort of coup, however we were unable to verify these claims.

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