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The 5 Stages of Finding Your Ring Dance Dress


Ring Dance will be here soon, which means that for the last week juniors have been posting Snapchats of the rings “they love so much” (give it a week), frantically buying tickets once they realized that they sell out, and figuring out what they’re going to wear. Read below for the five stages girls go through picking out their Ring Dance dresses.


1.) Deciding Your Prom/Homecoming/Mill Ball Dresses Aren’t Good Enough:

You bought the dress with the intention of wearing it again. That’s probably how you convinced yourself (i.e. your parents) to spend so much money on it. But now that Ring Dance is here, you’re not feeling it anymore. You already have Facebook pictures wearing it, and you’d hate to be an outfit repeater.


Ring Dance Dress - VT - 10.1


So now you’re on a mission to find the perfect dress to make this night really special.


Ring Dance Dress - VT - 10.2


2.) Looking for a New Dress:

You check out Mad Dog, the YMCA, and Goodwill, but it’s all for naught. Anything half decent was snagged weeks ago or wasn’t even there to begin with. So you go to C-burg with the blissfully ignorant thought that you’re not the only one with that plan. But after striking out at the other Goodwill, Ross, and the entirety of the NRV mall, you console yourself with a some random purchases from Charlotte Russe and go home. Let’s face it: the collective Blacksburg’s shopping district reads like a shitty Kmart catalog.


3.) Online Shopping:

If this list corresponded with the 5 stages of grief, this step would be denial. You know you won’t be able to find a dress that will 1) look good, and 2) come in time. But you’re desperate, so you visit site after site wondering if the dress will look as good as it does on the model. (Spoiler alert: it never does). It usually ends up looking like this:


Ring Dance Dress - VT - 10.5


4.) Blacksburg’s Closet:

You peruse Blacksburg’s Closet and Free and For Sale on Facebook hoping to score someone else’s rejects. Hey, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You debate spending $70 for a used dress—most girls understand supply and demand and have realized a golden opportunity to cash in on a dress they won’t ever wear again. You even start to wonder if it’s worth it to pay $30 to rent a dress. It’s less gross than bowling shoes and only a little more expensive.


Ring Dance Dress - VT - 10.3


5.) Acceptance:

By this point you’re exhausted, frustrated, and the dance is starting to seem like more of a chore than “a night you’ll never forget.” You already spent $200 plus for the ring, so why dump any more money into this night that will probably be lackluster at most. You retry your old dress and start to remember why you liked it so much. You made fond memories in it, you know how to do your hair and makeup to match the essence of the dress, and you already have shoes that match. Looks like you found the winner.


Ring Dance Dress - VT - 10.6


Since Ring Dance is probably the last time you can put on a prom dress without feeling silly, then it makes sense that everyone wants to look their best. Plus the night will be recorded with thousands of photos, most likely in front of the Pylons (hello, new profile picture). So have fun at Ring Dance, Hokies, and check out what your class ring says about you.


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