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The Best Tweets from Hokies This Semester


We finally decided y’all are almost as funny as us and wanted to share your comedic genius with the rest of world, meaning all of Hokie Nation. So, we decided to pick out a few of our favorite tweets and feature them right here. Don’t be sad if you weren’t chosen, you’re probably not funny and should know. But if you were, only your Mom will care, anyway. Anyway, satisfy your big ego and see if you made the cut below: 


5.) Harvey:


We’re guessing they’re not only a disappoint to the whole Virginia Tech population, but their children as well. 


4.) Cristian:



….”I have a boyfriend…”Forreal though, we all stalk people as they walk to their car in Squires and the Architecture Annex. It’s basically a rite of passage. 


3.) Emma:



D2 poops must’ve already been hitting these gals, they’re full of astrological shit. Aries are known for big egos, though. 


2.) Delaney:



We can’t agree more. Much satisfying. 


1.) Erin:



Oh, Erin. You silly, silly girl. Bet they put that snow there, too. 





Think your tweet is funny? Then email us and we’ll decide. 



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