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The Black Sheep Interviews: The Pepper Cadet


For those of you who haven’t ever seen the Virginia Tech Snap Story, there is usually an appearance of a cadet who practically dumps the entire pepper shaker on his morning eggs. He’s become a little bit of a celebrity and amidst all his newfound fame, we decided to snag an interview with him:


Who first inspired you to put pepper on your food?:
No one, really. The eggs at Fire Grill aren’t great. One day I went a little overboard with pepper and my friend put it on Snapchat.


A lot of people say you put a lot of pepper on your food. Do you think you have a problem?:
Probably, because I actually do eat them.


Do you do this to just your eggs at breakfast or all meals of the day?:
Just breakfast. It’s almost become a tradition to go to Fire Grill in the morning and put a ton of pepper on my eggs.


Have you found any fame since your Snapchat debut?:
Sometimes at dining halls people come up to me and say hi. I’ve gotten more followers on Instagram. For Halloween I dressed up as a pepper shaker and my friend is dressed up as an egg. We have a whole bunch of friends who dressed up as the Blue Plate.


Are there any other food combos you like other than eggs, hot sauce and a buttload of pepper?:
At Hokie grill I get the grilled chicken nuggets, which are the healthiest, and a mud pie, which is one of the unhealthiest, which I think balance each other out. I don’t put them together, but maybe I should try that.


Favorite thing to put pepper on?: 
 Eggs – not much else. I put it on a bagel once, but eggs are my favorite.


Have you ever put pepper anywhere other than your mouth. If so, where?:
I poured it all over myself for one day. It was in my hair and ears and stuff. But never in anywhere else. It didn’t go on Snapchat or anything. I just did it to do it.


If your future partner doesn’t like pepper, is that a deal breaker?:
Absolutely. It’s one of those must-haves. Gotta like pepper and a shit-ton of it.


Are you a fan of the artists Salt-N-Pepa?:
I appreciate the song “Push It,” but can’t say I’m a fan.


Packets or shakers?:
Shakers, because packets just aren’t the same experience. I’ve never ran out of pepper in a shaker.


Do you like to put salt onto your pepper?


We hope that, should you branch out to other dining halls to try new combinations, you won’t lose your love for eggs with a shit-ton of pepper. However, we don’t suggest that you eat it for every meal, though. You’ve always gotta take a break day for chicken parm.





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