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Top 10 Best and Worst Things Virginia Tech Did in 2017

2017 was a very eventful year for Virginia Tech. Spring activities such as The Big Event and Relay for Life went on and were as successful as ever. In the fall we were blessed with football season, homecoming, overcrowded parking lots, and overexcited freshmen. Here’s a recap of some of the best and worst Virginia Tech moments in 2017.

10.) Drone Cage:
Although investing the money into parking would have been better for students who have to walk 4 miles in the snow to get to class, this is still a pretty great feature on our campus now. It’s open to everyone, but does anyone ACTUALLY know how to use it? 

9.) Addyson Caldwell moved:
Who knows where 2018 will take him, but he currently remains facing the Upper Quad until he decides to walk off onto another part of campus for a change of scenery.

8.) Clemson vs VT football game:
Although the team didn’t win, they still got some points on the board and made sure that Clemson didn’t shut them out. Plus, for those who sold their Clemson game tickets, they made bank and entered 2018 with a small fortune.

7.) Transformer blew:
Twitter and the Upper Quad were alight when a transformer in the power plant blew and caught on fire. The students and university promptly took to Twitter to respond to the event with silly Transformers cartoon jokes about them “getting blown.” That means that the Transformers may have had a great night but not the people in charge of it all.

6.) Tapingo:
Spring 2017 semester introduced Tapingo, the online ordering app that has done absolutely nothing. Originally designed to make lines shorter in the dining halls, since the Qdoba line is always intermingling with the Brueggers line, it just makes another long line to go beside the normal line and also a long line of disgruntled employees that are hating VT Dining Services.

5.) Pepper Cadet:
Students across campus, civilians and cadets alike, joined together to watch the Pepper Cadet post on the VT Snap Story each morning as he poured almost an entire pepper shaker and bottle of Texas Pete’s on his breakfast. Anyone up for a Pepper Cadet and Salt Bae brunch date? 

4.) Freshmen:
In 2017 Virginia Tech welcomed one of the biggest freshman classes in history. Or at least, that’s what it feels like when students try to walk through our mosh pit of a college campus. Reaching new numbers of incoming students, the university grew, however so did the lines in the dining halls and the lack of seating in Turner. Honestly, it’s just a matter of time before a fight breaks out in the Bruegger’s line.

3.) No parking:
Despite the influx of students, the parking lot hasn’t changed a bit. This is one of the biggest inconveniences on campus and the student body puts it at high priority, yet it still has not been fixed. A prominent issue in 2017, yet it will continue into the new year thanks to VT.

2.) Commonwealth Cup:
We can’t be surprised after 14 consecutive years that we won again. Many think that in 2018 that UVA has a chance, but the Hokies are going to continue the tradition of beating UVA and winning the Commonwealth Cup and just being better than them overall. That’ll teach them to call us a “Cow College,” because at least we’re still better at football.

1.) New logo:
With the new year, new me feelings, we should all embrace the new logo! Although we won’t be able to invent the future anymore, we can at least curve all the haters with the new logo. 

With the new year, try to find a new aspect of Virginia Tech to love and get ready to look forward to the ups and downs of Blacksburg spring weather. By the time fall semester rolls around everyone will be so ready for football season that they won’t care about the long lines of freshmen in the dining halls. Hopefully, 2018 will bring just as many exciting times to Virginia Tech to make this the best year ever!

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