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Top 10 Reasons 2015 Was an Awesome Year for Virginia Tech

With the year coming to a close and finals season upon us, it’s always nice to reflect on the year and everything that has happened. But our sister publication at UVa wrote an article begrudgingly listing the top ten reasons why their school had a super shitty year. We figured all years at UVA were shitty, but hey, that’s just us. Looking back on the 2014-2015 year, life as a Hokie was pretty damn great. While it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to only ten things, here are the ten reasons Virginia Tech killed the game in 2015:


10.) Beating Ohio State: We beat the national champions in football in our first game of the year. Via the transitive property, that kind of technically makes us the real national champs. You literally can’t argue with that logic.


9.) A Winning Football Season: If you do choose to argue with that logic, then with the bowl game included, we still managed to silence the h8ers and scrape by with a winning season of 7-6. Numbers don’t lie and we can still call this season a success.


8.) An Awesome Spring Game: A day where we replace our morning coffee with shots at 8 a.m., we tailgate harder than most schools do during the regular season. The rain only fueled our fire and added to our fun while those at Foxfield were busy hiding in fear that even a droplet of rain would permanently ruin their Lilly dresses or seersucker chinos.


7.) Mellow Mushroom: While Benny’s obviously still holds a near and dear place in our hearts, it’s nice to now have a pizza place you can take your family to when they visit (and one that’s acceptable to go to before 2 a.m. on a Saturday night). 


6.) We Still Have Half Our Student Parking: We’re gonna look at the glass half full here. Sure nearly half the parking at Virginia Tech has been taken away and you’ll most likely get a ticket if you park in the spots that remain, but at least they’re still there!


5.) Weather: In what other college town could you literally experience all 4 seasons (and 1 or 2 yet to be identified seasons) all in one day? No place could we think of. Sun one day, then thunder-snow the next? Wow, are we lucky.


4.) Owens isn’t Hideous Anymore: You no longer have to shield your eyes and shuffle quickly through Owens to avoid retinal overstimulation from the neon-painted walls. And they have dumplings at the Chinese place now, too.


3.) Largest Sorority Recruitment Yet: Now some people who aren’t quite into Greek life might view this negatively, but to put it simply: more sorority girls means more parties. So we think we can safely call that a win.


2.) Ranked #1 in Dining (Again): This hardly needs an explanation. This could have been the worst year ever and dining would have made up for all of it.


1.) Largest Collegiate Relay for Life (Again): After reading the two above, it’s obvious Virginia tech has a flair for the dramatic. We not only held on to our title of being the largest collegiate relay in the world, but we also raised $510,000 for the cause.


While we totally hate to toot our own horns (*toot toot*), it was almost impossible to not jump on the opportunity. After reading about UVa’s crappy year, we couldn’t help but reminisce on our awesome one, because really it was a great year, Hokies. And here’s to many more to come!

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