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Top 10 Reasons to Go to Virginia Tech’s Spring Game


The Spring Game is this weekend, which means it’s the end of football hibernation for Hokie fans. More important than donning maroon and orange war paint and denting the bleachers by jumping to “Enter Sandman,” it’s time to rinse out the ol’ coolers and get back to tailgating. Even though Hokies don’t need to be persuaded into seeing their team play at Lane, here are some additional reasons you should go:


10.) You can start tailgating as early as you want (read: open a few cold ones starting Monday). If anyone asks, deny alcoholism and claim preparing for tailgate.


9.) It’s free, and there’s nothing a college student loves more than free things.


8.) It’s supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend. It’s as if Blacksburg is personally blessing this event by bestowing lovely, warm weather, and no Hokie should miss out on that.


7.) The tailgating perks like playing cornhole with friends, eating meats charred on a grill, and drinking binges of cheap beer during the day without being judged.


6.) The game starts at 2:30, and by the time it’s over, there will still be happy hour specials.


5.) We get to see Coach Fuente in action and get a sneak peek at our 2016 season.


4.) Transfer your remaining cheering energy from Basketball season to this game.


3.) If you’re a graduating senior, this is your last football game as a student (because we all know you’ll be back cheering as an alum).


2.) Everyone gets excited after a football game that we win, which we’re guaranteed to do when we’re playing ourselves. This means downtown will be lit with people filled with pent up energy looking for a sexual outlet. Wrap those pokies, Hokies.


1.) Another chance to shout “Let’s Go, Hokies,” shake your keys, do the Hokie Pokie, holler “H-O-K-I-E-S,” and, of course, jump to “Enter Sandman.”


Forget your Saturday plans and instead head out to tailgates, drink and eat with friends, and fill the stadium decked out in maroon and orange. Let’s enjoy this springtime gem where we relive our fall, football fun, while also getting a chance to see what our team has in store for the upcoming season. 


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