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TOP 10: Tweets from Salty UVA Fans

Twitter on Sunday was alight with all your high school friends firing at you about how UVA is finally going to beat Virginia Tech, but of course you knew it wasn’t going to happen. And when the clock ran out, your friends all went silent, because their trash talk had been so wrong. But, not everyone stayed silent. Many UVA fans thanked the coaches and the players for a good season and for improving from last year. However, not all the fans were so nice-most were salty af and we have compiled some tweets from the sorry ass suckers who: 




Keep dreaming, buddy. As if 5 rushing yards from Saturday night didn’t prove the lie in that statement. Try again next year.


UVA Football, every year:
Sept: We are going to beat Virginia Tech this year.
Oct: They lost a few games and our team has been doing well. We totally have a chance!
Nov: Well, shit.
Dear UVA, please continue to lather, rinse, repeat with the Ls that the Hokies serve to you for Thanksgiving every year.


And no UVA fan has ever had a good day after a UVA vs. VT game either. Rough life for a Wahoo.


If UVA was the best, then wouldn’t they have beaten a team that “didn’t look all that impressive” a long time ago? Oh wait, they did A LONG time ago, but they surely haven’t for the past 14 years.


If it’s not obvious by his profile picture that he’s a UVA fan, then it’s obvious by his only comeback calling out Michael Vick. Stay classy, UVA. Next year when you lose again, try to come up with some better material if you’re not going to stay silent.


You mean national championships? I mean at least Hokie fans can sleep at night knowing UVA has more national championships than rushing yards from the game.


This is fan mail sent to a VT sports writer. Well, Tech’s day came, but it was the same as the past 14 years, but somehow I think that wasn’t what the UVA fan meant. Anyways, always proud to be a fan of Cow College VPI! Go Hokies!


Why would you attack a college student as a grown ass adult? I mean what else do UVA fans have but to tear down their own team as they watch them lose for the 14th year in a row.


UVA Football has run out of time for longer than they ran the ball at Saturday’s game. Also another instance where UVA can’t admit that they took the L.


He’s absolutely right. No matter what anyone says against VT, they’re just going to come off as salty, since they can’t beat us in football.

If Virginia Tech never wins another football game other than UVA again, we think we will all be a little bit happy about it. Keep trying UVA, but next year try to swallow all the salt when we come back at you again and take your loss in silence. You just embarrass yourself further by trying to clap back after you’ve already had a “Cow College” beat the patootie out of you for—pardon me as I say it again—14 YEARS IN A ROW!


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